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Inventory Management


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May 29, 2021
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is there a way to download inventory per recipe over time to create a "cost of goods sold" report?
Not currently - I am working on a transaction based inventory system which will be on the web version first (to allow shared users) but it will be a few months until it is available as I just launched the basic web version at BeerSmithRecipes.com


Love the product.  I am a very happy customer.

I may have some misunderstandings about the architecture of the different levels of BeerSmith, so I figured this is the place to ask.  We store our brewery recipes on the Cloud and we back them up.  I keep my inventory on my laptop and I can export a current inventory list for tax time.  The inventory however seems to be stored only on my laptop.  Does the Web Version allow sharing the inventory information or file data?  I can't seem to see any mention of that on the website unless I missed something.

Thanks in advance.