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Issue with Batch Sparge strike Temp when creating recipe


Aug 27, 2012
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I have recently been encountering problems with Beersmith giving me numbers that are way too high for my strike temperature for batch sparging.
I am wondering if this has something to do with using the Beersmith mobile versus the computer version?
For example,
I want to hit a mash in temperature for 152 F for a batch with a grain weight of 12 lb 12 oz.
When not checking the "adjust for my equipment" it says I should strike with 163 F water.
When I check that box, it says my strike temp should be 173 F. 20 Degrees seems way too high.
I am using a coleman 70 quart extreme cooler for batch sparging.
Mash tun volume is set to 17.5 gal, Mash tun weight is set to 15.8 lbs., with a specific heat of .3. Water/Grain Ratio is set at 1.25 qt/LB. Mash Tun and Grain temperature are set to 72 F
I do add the water in the mash tun in my tun before mixing in the grains.
Any ideas of what I can do?

I have been trying to tweak the mash profile.
I said in my post my mash and grain temps are set at 72 F right now.
I have been using this profile for at least 20 batches I don't know why it has been giving me issues recently.
Threetall, I've been playing with this setting since responding earlier and it does seem like an arbitrary checkbox.
I keep mine unchecked and have been hitting the desired temperatures.
I did search several threads on the subject and the consensus seems to be - don't check the box unless preheating the mash tun.
There should be a more concise explaination for this setting, but I have yet to find it.
Wait so only check it if you're preheating the mashtun? I read on some threads the opposite.
Now I'm confused.
Sorry... It's the cold medicine.. I should just stop posting.
"if you are preheating the MLT to your target temp, do not tick the "adjust temp for equipment" box."


Bottom line is how far off you are of target.
So I just put the recipe I created on beersmith mobile on beersmith 2, and when the adjust temp box is not checked, the strike temp is 163. When the box is checked on the pc it is 167 which is what it should be, but on the android app it reads as 173. There is definitely a bug or something with the android version.
Check the Specific Heat number in the Equipment profile. Make sure the mobile app matches the desktop profile.