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Johnson Controller


Apr 8, 2009
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My understanding of using a Johnson Control regulator to regulate my dedicated refrigerator, is that it will override the internal regulator and the freezer portion will be the same temp as the fridge portion.  So if that is true can someone tell me why my freezer freezes? Thermal probe is in the lower fridge and set at 40 yet the upper freezer goes down to 26.
Not positive, but I always thought that two-section fridge/freezers worked by keeping the freezer frozen, and then some cold air passed to the fridge to maintain that temp (usually ~45F).  So it is first a freezer with a fridge attached.  So, your controller is cycling enough to maintain 40F in the fridge, and that is preventing the freezer from maintaining 0F as it normally would.  If you put the probe in the freezer, it may work better, though you may have to play with the settings to accurately control the fridge portion.
If you set your Freezer to be regulated by the controller, The Lower portion will not be cold enough and vice verse. Which is why people use chest freezers, or like myself, an upright freezer and not a fridge.

On the bright side, You could keep glassware in the top and beer in the bottom, so you will always have a frosty glass for your beer!