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Just adding my opinion on the subject of PRINTING!?!?!



I see there have been many users asking for a print option from within BS2 Mobile.  And I also see the issue has not really been addressed.  I have been using iBrewmaster V1 & V2 for well over a year and I was able to send my recipes to my wireless printer with some simple clicks.  Then, I was able to take my printed recipe to my local supplier to buy my ingredients.  You see, iBrewmaster, and my iPhone in general, does not get internet, or cellular service inside my suppliers store and iBrewmaster locks up without the ability to communicate via either of these two methods.  Sucks, I know and its not your problem, but...

Please consider: "output" and "input" is quintessential computing since day one in the 60's!! You have given us some great "Input" and computing ability, but really no "output" ability besides the LCD screen.  So, PLEASE give us the option to print our recipes!!!  The ability to print anything would be really nice, but I have a feeling I'm already stretching.
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Apr 5, 2003
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  It is on my "to do" list.  There are two workarounds - you can put the recipe in your cloud folder and then go to BeerSmithRecipes.com, log in and print it from there.
  You can also do the same from BeerSmith (copy to cloud on mobile, open it on desktop and print it).