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Jan 25, 2012
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In relation to the adding photos suggestion, I would love to be able to attach a label.  The easiest idea, and also most universal, would be to make it just like the photo.  But, ideally it would have the ability to print the label some number to a page. 
I made a custom report to create my labels.  I use html with embedded jpgs, plus I can automatically include the recipe title, brew date, etc...  That makes a custom label for every batch (if I so choose).
Beer_Tigger said:
How about attaching an example?  That would be nice :)

Its a secret...I could show you, but then....

:=) Good point... I shoulda thought of that.  I'll throw it up when I get home.
As requested.  Printed landscape, 2 to a page...these lables fit my 1 liter swing-top bottles perfectly.  They leave about a 2" gap on the back side.

The html is a little messy because I used frontpage. 

I print them on a color laser printer and use milk to adhere them to the bottles.

It would be pretty easy to use a custom image file for each recipe.  It would be nice if you could define a custom field or two in BS2, but you could use the ASST brewer tag to hold the image filename.



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Love your labels and have everything in place with the change to point to where the labels jpg is but how do you print it?  I'm stumped and a we bit tipsie....regards, Lee
Did you load the custom report into beersmith? 

0.  Copy your html file to my documents\beersmith2\reports.
1.  Goto Options|Reports.
2.  Click "Add Report"
3.  Give it a name "labels" or whatever you want.
4.  Set the type to Web Page (HTML)
5.  Click the "Choose Template File..." button and select your html file.
6.  Click ok, to close all the dialogs, and return to the beersmith main screen.

To use the report:
1.  Browse to a recipe folder.
2.  Select a recipe (don't open it)...just click on its line.
3.  In the preview pane, there is a "report" drop down.  Open the drop down and select the name you gave the report in step 3, above.
4.  In the preview pane, click the "Preview" button.
5.  This will open the print-preview window. 
6.  Change the page orientation to "landscape" (third button from the left).
7.  Change the margins to 0.5 for all (top, left, right, bottom).  (4th button from the left).
8.  Print. 
Thanks for the quick reply....I figured it out....DUUhhh.....been bottling too much today......Really really neat.....not I got to go make up some labels....maybe one for each style....that should keep me out of trouble for a while......thanks again,,,,,Lee
Just wanted to say thanks, I'm using your template and sharing this post as part of a blog I'm writing on using beersmith custom templates.

Much appreciated.