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Lager Fermentation/Cold Storage temp question


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Jun 8, 2008
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My fridge in my garage won't give me anything higher than 40-42 degrees right now.  I can't unplug it because of the food SWMBO is keeping in the freezer.  I currently have my Scotch Ale in there that I was planning on letting sit for another month or so before I get to it.  I'd also like to take my turn at a lager here in the next couple of weeks so

Can I allow a lager to ferment at this temp?  Is that too low, I'd like to make a Marzen and I'm not sure if there will be any issues, it seems like most sources say you need at least 45 degrees to lager

How cold should the cold storage be?  Can I keep a scotch ale and a lager in the fridge at the same temps, I'm thinking somewhere just above freezing?  I'm not really sure where cold stored ales should be? 

Finally, if I have a beer that is being stored at the cold end but has already fermented out and is just sitting in the cold and waiting, is it okay to leave it in the fridge if I decide to make another lager and I need to bring the temp back up to around 50 (or as high as I can?)

Thanks in advance

My friend brewed JZ's Scotch Ale recipe and won several ribbons with it, applying his typical hybrid cold conditioning pattern to this ale with good results.  (He kegs so low yeast count for bottles is no matter.)

For a huge Scotch Ale, this made sense.  He did the same thing to several Belgians and I thought a lot of the estery/phenolic character was lost over time.