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Lime - How much to use?


May 21, 2019
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Hey everyone,

Looking at making a good summer ale, likely a cream ale and would like to impart a slight Lime flavor.  I'm curious as to whether I should use dried lime peel, or fresh zest?  And also when it should be added?  during the boil, during secondary fermentation, etc?  And more importantly how much?

Looking for a dry/not sweet flavor, and nothing overpowering.

Use the peel or zest. Add it right at the end of the boil or into the fermenter. Try 4 to 5 ounces to start with. You can add to it later. You might want to soak the peel/zest in vodka for a day to prevent infection.
I'd just serve it with a lime wedge, ala Corona. That way there's no worry about too much, not enough or I just want a plain beer without the lime.
I know I am way late to the conversation, here, but if you are looking for a lemon/lime hint to your summer brews, may I suggest Lemon Drop hops.I have used it with wheats, light lagers and summer ales. I go with 1 oz for 5 gallons at 5 minutes. Always well received by my drunken porch sitters, and it is always the first to go in the summer!
I can second the lemon drop hops. I use them in my cream ale and it always goes fast.
Little late to the question, but I did a Lime Cream Ale recently,  Kurt Stock's recipe in the Homebrew All-Stars book.  I did the zest of 4 limes, soaked in vodka for 2 days, then added that to fermenter two days before kegging.  Then on kegging day, I added the juice of those 4 limes to the keg.    It was definitely very limey...but was very good, a nice refreshing summer beer.  My friends were busting my chops about making it, but they all loved it.