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Lost ability to edit recipe in new window.


Sep 8, 2010
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The menu is always greyed out.  I have 2.1.02 and when I right click on a recipe i the brew log, or my recipes lists,
I only get  'Add to Folder'.

  Could you explain a bit further - I'm not seeing this behavior in the main My Recipes view - so I need a bit more detail on where you are seeing this and how to duplicate the problem.

Sorry to be long in replying to this.
Click on the name of a recipe in the BrewLog or any Recipe folder.
Then right click to get the menu (Add Folder, cut, copy, Copy to Cloud, etc.

There is an option 'Edit iin a new window' that is greyed out. I used to use this to open a new window so that I
could see two recipes to compare them.

Is there any other way to compare two recipes ?