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Lost profile and second system installation


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Master Brewer
Aug 13, 2007
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My search skills must be broken.  I am sure that this has been answered before but...

Issue #1
For some reason a single Fermentation Profile has been deleted.  This has been reported previously with no apparent resolution.  Is there a way to restore the basic profile without reinstalling the software itself?

Issue #2
I want to install the software on a laptop system to use in an offsite brew demonstration.  This is allowed by the terms of the license.  What is the process to synchronize my off-site system with my desktop workstation so the files and profiles and other stuff are equivalent?
Issue #1:  If you have used that profile in a recipe before, then you can go to that recipe and click on the disc icon next to the fermentation profile.  It will save that profile into your library.

Issue #2:  From http://beersmith.com/faq/ :  "Yes, the Basic and Gold licenses let you activate up to two desktop or laptop devices (PC or Mac) with a single license.  Platinum and Professional licenses give you 3 and 5 activations respectively.  You can manage, renew, add licenses or deactivate devices from your cloud account here."

In order to synchronize your files between the two computers, you will need to either copy the data files from one computer to the other or use the cloud to move recipes back and forth.
Thank you for your reply.

Which files or directories do I need to move??
Do I need to re-do add-ons?
If I copy from A top B and then open BS in B will all the stuff seen in A be there?

Since I did a 'new' install on the laptop the lost fermentation profile will most likely be there.  Is there a way to just copy and paste that profile?
Ignore issue -- found something in the FAQ.