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mash efficiency vs. brewhouse

Sep 16, 2018
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I got a grain mill recently and noticed that my mash efficiency went up at least 5 points to around 75. i was running around 70 before that. when i'm updating my equipment profile, the only thing it asks for is the "brewhouse efficiency" and mash efficiency is not one of the parameters. what's up with that? and how do i account for better efficiency now that i have a grain mill? i'm adjusting some of my go to recipes to my new equipment to try and dial it in. does this make sense? i don't get too technical, so if the answer is too complicated......just saying. thanks for any help you can give me.

JW in TX
BeerSmith uses brew house efficiency to calculate the process extraction of sugars from the mash.  The program back calculates mash efficiency from the BHE and process losses.  If you increased your mash efficiency, it should also be reflected in an increased brew house efficiency.  BeerSmith calculates the actual BHE on the session tab once you have entered all the brew day data and you can use this number to update your equipment profile to reflect your process change.
keep in mind different mashs/grists will produce different mash efficiencies. I just brewed a Pilsner and had a mash efficiency of 93% before that I brewed a Russian imperial stout and had a mash efficiency of 72%, before that I brewed a Brut IPA and hit 85%. and so on, and so on.

Keep in mind all these are notable outliers, my mash is usually 86-88% historically on the last ten+ batches or so my standard deviation is a few percent.