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Mash in Temp with Herms


Nov 27, 2019
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So with my HERMS, I have it set at ADJUST TEMP FOR EQUIP.

I want to hit my target temp of 152F.  It says to mash in when the water is 158F.  My grain is kept at around 68F in the basement, so I set that.  But the mash tun is getting heated as my HERMS heats the water, so should I set my Mash Tun Temp as whatever I am heating my strike water? OR should I mash in at my wanted Mash Temp of 152 and come UP to 152F using the HERMS?

Method 1 of striking at 158F calculates water at 158F plus grain temp at 68F, so I should end up at 152F.
Method 2, I'll end up lower than 152F, but I can heat up to it and not overshoot my mash temp.

What do you all do?  What settings to fiddle with?  Thanks!

I heat my mash water before dough in so the MT is already up to heat so I do not check the ADJUST TEMP FOR EQUIPMENT box. Rather than guess about the temp of your grains based on the ambient temp of your basement I suggest you stick a thermometer in the grains so that you know exactly what the temp is. Then, by all means start with the strike temp that Beersmith estimates but see what happens and take notes. If your mash temp is high or low after dough in then make and adjustment to your strike water next brew day. Experience can trump software.
I do stick a thermometer in the grains.  That has helped a lot.  I'll uncheck the adjustment in this upcoming brew day.  Thanks!