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Mash in water volume


Nov 20, 2016
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Hi all, using Beersmith 3 mobile on my chromebook and planning a 10 gal batch.

I do batch sparging and have my equipment setup so mash tun is showing as 10 gal capacity.

The recipe calls for roughly 14 KG of grain (30 pounds) and the brewday timer calls for 40.65 litres of water for initial mash (10 US Gal).

How does it expect me to fit it all in?!
Look on the volumes tab. There you'll find the Mash Volume needed (grain and water) and the mash tun volume you entered in your equipment profile. If the colored dot is red that indicates that it won't fit.

You can adjust the strike water volume to lower the total mash volume, but I think you'll find that about 25 lbs. is the maximum amount of grain you can mash at a reasonable water to grain ratio in a 10 gallon mash tun.
Cheers Bob but I don't think I have a Volumes tab, i'm using the mobile version as I have a Chromebook
Well then, looks like you need to find a mash volume calculator. There's a good one on this site: https://www.rackers.org/calcs.shtml
In addition to an equipment profile you should set up mash profiles also.

In my opinion this is a bug.

In my equipment profile I tell BS3 that my mash tun is 40L, obviously when the volume is reached you have to pivot on the mash thickness, otherwise what you are trying to do won't work.

You are using an advanced brewing calculator, you should not need to go do manual calculations to find out 12kg and 37l is not going to fit in a 40L mash tun.

I've found on the 1V systems the mash profile would be 2.72 water/grain, but it would be good to know of this is exceeded or modified.
You don't need to do the manual calculation, the warning indicator is in the software.  The last thing I want the software to do is to change my parameters without notification.  BeerSmith alerts the user and then allows the user to reconfigure to fit the equipment properly.