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Mash Profile - Batch Sparge with Equal Runnings



Ok, I've read everything on here I could find about Mash Profiles and I still can't get it to do exactly what I want...

Set up My Equipment no problem.  Create a new Mash Profile and it looks like it defaults to a 10 pound grain bill and I got everything to look good.  That is...

Mash In (@ 1.25q/#) says to use 12.5 quarts - Check
Mash Out says to use 5.8 quarts - Check (Grain absorption, dead space yields 3.125 G 1st runnings)
Sparge says 3.125 G - Check (3.125 G 2nd runnings (equal to 1st) for 6.25 into kettle)

...but now, it appears that, when that profile is applied to a different size grain bill, things get scaled differently than I'd want to keep equal runnings.  That is, if I apply that same profile to a 9 pound grain bill...

Mash In (@ 1.25q/#) says to use 11.25 quarts - Check
Mash Out says to use 5.22 quarts - Wrong (looks like this was scaled down when it should have been scaled up to 6.56 quarts to maintain 3.125 G 1st runnings)
Sparge says 3.46 G - Wrong (this went up to account for less 1st runnings when it should actually stay at 3.125 G 2nd runnings no matter the grain bill (assuming same total into kettle)

...so is this the way it's supposed to work?  Am I doing something wrong?  Does anyone else get it to work the way it should?


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Apr 5, 2003
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  The mash out is likely what is causing you trouble.  In general a mash out takes a substantial amount of water, and it is adjusted to match your grain bill for a given recipe.  If you do a mash out the remaining sparge water to add will usually be quite small.

  You might want to try it without the mash out which will give you larger sparge runnings and deliver something much closer to what you are shooting for.