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Mash profile


Jan 27, 2018
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Tried to create a custom mash profile, used 10 lb grain basis, added a step to raise temp for 15 mins.

Question is from the attached image, aren't my volumes off ?  This is a 3 gallon all grain recipe with 6 lbs of grain. 

From the image 9.73 qts + 6.18 is roughly 4 gallons.  Approx 0.6 qts/lb retained in the grain and 2 qts dead space in my tun per the equip profile, I'm left with ~ 10qts. 

I'm expecting more like 16 qts to boil, not 10.  Am I not understanding something ?  I was also expecting to be given batch sparge quantities

Very confused........



Greetings yegnal - yes, the volumes are off.  BeerSmith calculates the water volumes based on the weight of grains used in the recipe.  It does this in the Mash Profile.  Now, if you added a 10 pound grain basis in the mash profile After the Mash profile was brought into the recipe, than you override the volumes BS needed for proper calculations.

You should always adjust all of your Profiles Before the profile is brought into the recipe.  Any adjustments made to any of the Profiles after the profile if brought into the recipe only affects that batch/recipe.  So, go back into the recipe, than into the mash profile and make sure the Grain Basis is 6 pounds 3 oz.  I believe that will correct your problem.  Alternatively, you can simply re-select the mash profile again from the list of profiles.  This will reintroduce the Mash profile and it should produce the correct calculations.  If not, perhaps you would consider upload8ng your recipe so we can have a look?

Hope this helps!


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Apr 7, 2017
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No knock on Brad's tutorials but I found that the tutorials from the guys at Brulosophy are easy to understand. They have posted videos on equipment profiles and mash profiles for Beersmith2. This one is for batch sparge operation but they have other videos for other mash methods.
it is very important to customize your profiles to your particular set up in order to get accurate results from the software.