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Apr 15, 2015
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Tasmania, Australia
I was in Denmark earlier this year visiting friends and they took me to the Mikkeller bar.
I don't know if anyone else has had the opportunity to visit this or they know anything about Mikkeller but I got to say what an amazing range of beers this guy brews. I was in local bottle shop today, In Tasmania, and noticed the were stocking A few Mikkeller beers , 6 very few, so I got myself one. A Chipolte Porter. I am very much looking forward to trying tonight. 
I would imagine you guys in America have had this available to you for some time but for us down here in Australia , Especially in Tasmania, I have not seen it before .  Apparently he brews his beers all over the place at different breweries. Not a bad way to do things I imagine. I would be keen to know what others think of theses beers if they have tried them because all the ones I tried over there were very good. I had an amazing coffee  stout called Shit beer.  The name comes from the fact that it is brewed with coffee beans from Indonesia called Kopi Luwak as most of you would have herd of I imagine and I got to say it is the best coffee stout I have tried .
Well like I said would like to know what others think of his beers .
Mikeller is a gypsy brewer(y), concentrating on collaborations with other breweries and inspired by the American craft beer revolution. They have done hundreds of collaborations since they were founded. Originally, it was two founders who's names the combined to for Mikeller. Now, Mikel Bjergsø runs it and travels the world creating new beers. Sometimes, the creations are way out of the box, causing more than a few to consider him the Lady Gaga of brewers.

Like you said, the beers are typically amazing. Every brewer that has worked with him has enjoyed the challenge.

  I have to say thought the amount of beers he had at the bar was mind blowing and like you said some of them were way outside the box for your normal idea of beers but they seem to work well.

Hey there!

Yes, familiar with Mikkeller. I have been living in CPH for 1.5 years now as I am doing my master degree here, on food tech / brewing actually. As brewfun said, and I think it holds true; he is sometimes regarded as the Lady Gaga of brewing. I've heard some people joking about him saying that whenever one of his brews goes bad, he just adds a lot of hops, barrel ages it, puts on a fancy label and then sells it as pure gold.

Although not true, he is quite a personality. Most of his brews are extreme as that is one of the thinks that characterizes him the most... trying new ideas / ingredients and flavors. All of the brews I've tried made by him lie in the : this is "ok" to this is actually really good range. What I think is most interesting is his approach to collaborations as that opens the door for creation of things with interesting spins and going in all possible directions.

Copenhagen is a great place ,we were visiting friends who are living there at the moment working at Niles Bohr institute  . Have to say thought we scored good weather.
I really found his beers interesting and quite liked the couple of stouts I had more so than the IPA I tried. Could only drink a few though as they all had quite a kick with them and we had to ride the bikes back home .
Doing your masters in brewing sounds like a good gig our friends were telling us that Carlsburge  brewery put heaps of money into the sciences over there so I imagine it must be a great place to do a brewing degree.
Best of luck with it.
Thanks for putting up that link it was a very interesting read. I never new about his brothers beers now I am keen to get hold of some to try.