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Missing ferm step(3) on Brew Process TXT report


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Jun 27, 2020
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Sao Leopoldo/RS - Brasil
It appears that the Brew Process TXT report can only generate two ferm steps.
I have changed my ferm profile to add a third step, but when I got to the Brew Process TXT report it only shows 2 of them.
If I go to other reports like Classic Brewsheet and Brew Steps I can see 3 ferm steps on them, so I imagine this problem is isolated to the Brew Process TXT report only.

Before you say for me to use the other two reports that work, I'd like to point out that I'm reporting this as a possible bug and that I want Beersmith software to be better, and also that this particular report (Brew Process TXT report) is very print-friendly and saves a lot of ink.
I always print the report to pin them on the fridge where the fermentor is at to keep track of things, and currently I'm saving the report to a txt file and adding the missing step in notepad before printing.