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Need help Claifing Beer



One of my biggest Feedback i recieve is my beer is to cloudy, I use Irish Moss in the boil is there anything else I can do?
I like the effects of Polyclar in the secondary - it does a great job of removing proteins and tannins.

Also - cold store your beer if possible.  It will clear much faster at a cold temperature than warm.

Its on the package - I think you use something like 1/2 oz of polyclar for 5 gallons.  Cold storage also helps significantly.

I've not used Polyclar, but instead of Irish Moss I use Whirlfloc Tablets. The label says that it's an Irish Moss Product,  1 tablet per 5 gallon batch is the dosage. I brew all grain batches of varying styles of beer including pale lagers, and have never had a cloudy beer when using these tablets. Plus it's a lot easier to manage then measuring out Irish Moss.  
What temp are you storing at?  The Irish moss will work better once the beer is cooled (say 65 degrees and below).  Not quite a lagering, but the wine folks call it "cold stablization".  

I know it helps for wine.  Is the beer cloudy only upon cooling it?  Cold or protein haze?  

I concur with most, patience young skywalker, and the beer usually takes care of itself.
I have used knox gelatine with good results.  You just disolve it in about 170 F water and add it either to the secondary or bottling bucket.  But I must also echo the point that time is the best solution for cloudy beer. ;D
if cold storing what's a good temp..
how cold is to cold or does it matter.
how long do you store your beer after bottling.
I keep the fridge around 45 F.  It does take a month or two, but the beer will become quite clear in most cases.

I am a big believer in cold conditioning. I have forgotten to add any finings and after 2 weeks cold conditioning at 45 degrees my beer is crystal clear. I bottle or keg it cold with no problems. 1 question for Beersmith though.
Can you cold condition for 1 or 2 months without adding any yeast?
I was wondering since you said you extract, I would think most the cloudiness would be related to the yeast. With ale yeast brews I would cold crash it to near freezing for a week. This should drop most of the yeast to the bottom of the keg.
I've been using Whirfloc tabs at the end the boil with very good results. The kicker with them is how fast it starts to work, when you turn off the fire and start to chill, it start clarifying, by the time I get to bottling it it's clear and clean.