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New Kegerator - Lines too short?


Dec 29, 2023
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Hopefully coming to the end of my battle of the foamy pour. I have come to the conclusion that my free kegerator has temp control issues and due to the cycling, the beer is foaming in the lines. I have replaced the lines, to 10' 3/16" ID and it did help, but some days, I don't get a drop of liquid. Recorded over a 10 deg temp fluctuation, and even put a little fan to see if that would help and seemed to make it worse. So my new Kegco ZCK-163C just arrived.

Unboxing the tower, the beer lines are only ~5' long 3/16" ID food grade PVC. Is this because they are expecting commercial kegs? Does it matter? My first inclination before I install the tower is to change out the beer lines to 10' 3/16" Eva barrier lines or do I assume they know what they are doing?? I'm just surprised how short they are and figured if I had to make that change, it would be easier with the tower off.

Does your kegerator have a tower for taps? Check the insulation of the lines in the tower. Your cold beer being drawn up into the warmer lines of the tower will cause foaming. Also, don't guess and don't take others recommendation for line size and length. What works for one person might not work for you. You need to find a draught line calculator and take into account your serving temperature, serving pressure, line diameter, height of the run from the keg to the faucet and probably another parameter I cant' think of right now and all of that will determine your ideal line length.
Brad has posted an article in the blog section of this site: https://beersmith.com/blog/2011/07/14/keg-line-length-balancing-the-science-of-draft-beer/