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New member from Denmark


Feb 11, 2020
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Ballerup, Denmark
Hi everybody,
Please allow me to introduce myself, as Mick Jagger sings - though I'm not a man of wealth, but definately taste! 8)
I'm a beer enthusiast (sic!) and love holidaying in Belgium, it's very inspirational :p
Newly retired I decided it was time to do more than just pour them down the hatch, so I've slowly built up my equipment base. I've made a few brews while taking part in brew courses and brewing with my son-in-law at a commercial brewing facility, and so far I've have made two batches on my own set-up in the basement of my house.
I quite like the science behind brewing, reading everything on the subject I can get my hands on ? though putting the knowledge to good use can sometimes be another matter.
Previously I used to work in a biochemistry lab, taking part in research involving rat neurones (brain cells) and growth hormones
So, if nothing else, at least I'm quite adept in the field of sanitazion - my wife consider me a bit paranoid but, once you've had an infection in your petri dishes you become like that! ;D

Greetings from Denmark
Brian Andersen