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New to BeerSmith


Jan 27, 2011
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I began with wine making many years ago, but have been home brewing here in southwest Ohio for only a few years.  This morning I was searching the internet for some home brew software when I found the BeerSmith website and software.  No need to look further.  Since I purchase the BeerSmith program this afternoon, I have spent several hours testing it out and entering some of my old recipes.  It works great, and is much friendlier than the multiple spreadsheets I have used up to this point.

I just kegged a batch of "Imperial Black American Pale Ale" this morning, and am planning on getting a batch of Irish Stout started soon so I can have it ready to tap on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day for the non-Irish).
If anyone has a good recipe or any other tips for brewing a Guinness style stout, please let me know.