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New to eBIAB or single vessel


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Dec 28, 2020
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Good Afternoon ladies and gents,

I successfully brewed multiple 5 gal batches of my fav amber ale using 10gal coolers for HLT and mash tun plus a keggle for boiling. I was tired of the space requirements and difficulty of transfers and lack of temp precision using propane. Since I was happy with my product but not happy with my production method, I sold off this equipment in an effort to use a smaller footprint but increase in batch size. I decided upon an eBIAB or single vessel system that consists of the following components:

20gal megapot 1.2 kettle with sight glass, whirlpool, false bottom, and a 240w heating element. Lid has loc-line sparging ring.

Blichmann RipTide pump

Blichmann Brew commander

400 micron Brew Bag 

CuS.S. brewing Short and Stocky immersion chiller that will be run with sump pump in cooler with ice water.

Circuit is self-explanatory but for completeness, it goes from kettle to pump and back to kettle through continuous sparging using the loc-line lid sparge system.

My question for this forum is what adjustments are needed in beersmith from my initial recipe that used a mash with a fly sparge, and a equipment profile that matched my old equipment. I have already tried to adjust equipment profile but it noticeably altered all my predicted measures. Should I use my original recipe and then use the scale function and select my new equipment profile? Also any comments or suggestions for my setup and first BIAB would be greatly appreciated.

Very respectfully,



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Apr 7, 2017
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You will have to build a new equipment profile for you new setup. Rather than try to explain how to do that here I will post a video tutorial that has worked very well in helping others set up their profile...