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Newbie from La Rochelle - France


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Mar 3, 2019
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Hi there,
Newcomer in Beersmith, from La Rochelle, France.
I did some first tries last year, brewing with partial mash or/and BIAB : IPA, chocolate milk stout, scottish shilling, Szechuan Pepper Rye Porter, SMASH amarillo, golden ale, brown ale, and a chritsmas beer  last week.
Brewing is a wonderful experience, and for me a good way to discover then understand some basics, but unintelligible things for a beginner as me, which is not scientist, biologist, chemist or so...
Otherwise, i like history, sea fishing, love to play guitar with my 11 valves Marshall, louder than neighbours would expect :)
Cheers !
Welcome!  Sounds like you have a good start in brewing. 

I'm more of an acoustic player myself and luckily live a good enough distance from my neighbors that they don't complain when I crank my amp up a bit.