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non alcohol beer

I have friends who cannot drink and are wanting some odouls with a little hop bite so I figured I would see if it was possible
Well, not that I would have much interest in trying it - but seems to me I have read someplace that it is not practical to do at home.  Seems the method is to brew a normal beer and then remove the alcohol.

That explained something to me.  i could never understand why "Near beer" was nt that far off the price of real beer - especually considering govt taxes on  alcohol.

I suppose the high cost is due to relatively low volume production, plus the extra step of removing the alcohol.


PS - President's choice de-alcoholized beer isn't all that bad and probably less expensive that O'Doul's.  I tink you can getr it in a lager and in a red ale.

Alcohol boils off around 180F.  I guess you could heat your fermented wort to say 190 or 200.

Another way is to freeze the beer and not the alcohol then siphon off the alcohol or remove the chunks of beer.

You will want to let the beer set out and degass overnight.  The CO2 will make it foam over an make a mess.

I would not boil it as you will quickly volatilize the aromatics and flavor compounds.  They will leave the beer along with the alcohol.
Just a thought - Try a small (1 gallon) batch as a test run.  If it sucks you didn't bottle as much, didn't waste as much time and didn't waste bottles of good beer.