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Now Open - The Tallahassee Classic 2020 - Accepting Entries Nationwide!


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Jan 5, 2020
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The Tallahassee Classic is a BJCP-sanctioned homebrewing competition hosted by the North Florida Brewers League.
The club has selected a subset of BJCP 2015 styles for 2020.

Competition Dates: February 14 and 15, 2020
Online Registration Opens January 1, 2020 on Reggie - click to enter
Entry window closes February 3, 2020. Read the Official Rules & Regulations

See below for accepted styles. Full category descriptions can be found on the BJCP website.
An entry consists of 3 bottles, $7 per entry.
Contact competition@nfbl.org with questions, or if you are interested in judging or stewarding!

* Accepted Styles for 2020 *

4 Pale Malty European Lager
* 4A Munich Helles4B Festbier
* 4C Helles Bock
6 Amber Malty European Lager
* 6A M?rzen
* 6B Rauchbier
* 6C Dunkles Bock
11 British Bitter
* 11A Ordinary Bitter
* 11B Best Bitter
* 11C Strong Bitter
15 Irish Beer
* 15A Irish Red Ale
* 15B Irish Stout
* 15C Irish Extra Stout
16 Dark British Beer
* 16A Sweet Stout
* 16B Oatmeal Stout
* 16C Tropical Stout
* 16D Foreign Extra Stout
18 Pale American Ale
* 18A Blonde Ale
* 18B American Pale Ale
19 Amber and Brown American Beer
* 19A American Amber Ale
* 19B California Common
* 19C American Brown Ale
21 IPA
* 21A American IPA
24 Belgian Ale
* 24A Witbier
* 24B Belgian Pale Ale
* 24C Bi?re de Garde
25 Strong Belgian Ale
* 25A Belgian Blond Ale
* 25B Saison
* 25C Belgian Golden Strong