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Oats boil 0 minutes ??


Feb 3, 2014
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In a mouthwatering recipe on BeerSmith called  "Muddy Pig Oats Meal Stout" there's a part that says: "Oats boil 0 minutes". How is that done? I'm planning to do a BIAB with that recipe, but what am I going to do about the "0 minute"? Also planning to do a chill after boil, that's why I ask you guys. Or -is it better, when it comes to BIAB, to let the oats boil with the wort for X amount of time prior to chill?
Thanks! :)
morticaixavier said:
that's a typo. not sure what the intent is there but I would steep the oats with the crystal malt.
Thanks!  :)