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OG changes unhappy with the new version


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Dec 8, 2013
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I upgraded my beer smith yesterday.  I noticed the OGs of my extract beers have changed, I figured out it was due trub loss now affecting the OG but here's the thing I top off in the kettle to the batch size and take a reading before any losses occur, this make much more sense than adjusting gravity to losses that vary batch to batch, ex IIPA with a pound of hops vs a Mild ale. Of coarse replacing a portion of wort with water would lower the OG. .  My hydrometer readings matched the old numbers not the new ones. I did try setting the trub loss to zero which returned the OGs to where they were but then noticed that changed the SRM. If I have a solution of sugars,  say 5 gallons of 1.050 wort what matters is that ingredients yielded a solution of 1.050 wort not that I may end up with 4.87 gallons of 1.050 wort in the fermenter.