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Oozing bottles


Grandmaster Brewer
Master Brewer
Aug 13, 2007
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Sort of an ambiguous question but?
BIAB results that are bottled, not kegged.
This is happening on two recipes that were brewed separately ? a Porter and an IPA.

When the bottle is opened and a little is poured it is OK.
Sit the bottle on the counter while doing something and after about four minutes the beer is starting to ooze (sp?) out of the top of the bottle.  Pour off a little and in another three minutes it is again oozing from the bottle.
Beer seems to be OK and does not seem over carbonated.  This has not happened in the past 20+ years of home brewing.  I am puzzled.  That said what is causing this slow ooze effect?
That happened to me with a Saison, but it was highly carbonated.
I have been told it could be a sign of infection, but my beer tasted fine and the last few were in the bottles for over a month.
It is an interesting question, and I hope that others respond.