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Mar 14, 2008
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What other time consuming hobbies do you enjoy?
For me its car's I have a 1965 Chevy II show car that I put a 940 hp engine in and I drive it on the street on pump gas! I drive it to all the shows that it is entered into. It is in the paint shop getting pretty right now but you can see it in primer at www.korsairscc.com and look at the pictures section. I hope to have it out of paint and into the upholsterer within the next few weeks so I can put it back together and continue to enjoy it.




Here's just a few I've been obsessed with over the years:
  - Radio Control Soaring - Completed my LSF level III and I'm working on IV now - slope soared off a 200 foot cliff last weekend
  - Stunt kites (two line) - I have a collection of competition kites and can do most of the tricks you see in the videos
  - Backpacking, Skiing - Love getting outside
  - Video games - Not great at them, but like them all - here's my MAME machine I built in the garage

thats sweet.
I bet you could run alot of shine with that.
Man that is a hot car Preston!  I have wanted to do a full CJ7 rebuild, but now that I'm a family guy, I think some sort of old school convertible will be more likely to clear the budget committee.

I love american muscle cars.  The only other high performance cars I like are the Uber sedans from Germany.  I repect the porsches, but that isn't for me.  Open Headers and glasspacks are.

My other time eater is Mountain Biking.  There is typically a car ride, then an hour or two of riding then the commute back SWMBO pitches a fit about a 5 hour vannishing act.  Then there is maintenance and tinkering.  For me, I like simple old fashioned mountain bikes.  Mine tend to also be very light even though I am not anymore.  I live in Illinois and laugh at people on double boingers.  Though one trusted buddy says they are great as I become more aged. 
I play on-line backgammon with people from all over the world.

I also bike ride.  I have a road bike from 1974, a 1989 Trek 720 hybred that is now my utility bike.  I have a 2008 Novarra Siarra touring bike and a BOB trailer.

Today I picked up a younger brother to my Trek.  I am thinking of chopping and combining to make a long Tail.

I also do a lot of volunteer work in the community and am on my local county board of supervisors.
Other than playing Rock Band 2....

I sold this bike a little while ago and miss it.  I took an SRX250, modded the frame to accept an SR500 engine, got unobtanium (in the US) SRX400 wheels and fork, modded a swingarm and had a bunch of aluminum custom fabbed (oil catch tank, rear fender).



Here's my old racing KX65 in a RS125 chassis:

My new one is the newer chassis and a very pretty MV Agusta paint job.  I've now custom made 5 expansion pipes to optimize hp/torque.  Plus, the oxygen tank for the oxy-acetylene setup gets used for the brewing...

Here's the NSR that replaced my old YSR:

Yep, it's me.

I have many fond memories of my days in Madison as a Badger...  Good times indeed.
But I doubt I'm going to want to leave San Diego ever.  Madison, hands down, is a BETTER city in virtually every way.  But nice weather is NICER.  I can race 11 months a year and brew 12 months a year in the detached garage!
That is pretty awesome!  I hear the San Diego Weather is tip top.

And Madison is a cool town.  Def one of the best college towns I've visited.  Don't get me wrong for pure Campus, I my Alma Mater (MSU) but E. Lansing is none to special.  Iowa City and Ann Arbor are like Madison without nice lakes.

I'm more of a dirt guy.  I haven't had any mechanized toys in awhile.

Here is me in the stars and stripes at Chequamagon circa '02 -LOL just before the 80 yr old guy smoked me.



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other than brewing, i like to paint...been doing mostly portraits of classic rockers...bob dylan, the band, jim morrison, jerry garcia, etc. and few more modern bands too; against me!, rollins band

also currently building a boat...that one is on hold for the winter, in the fiberglassing stage of it...should be able to get it done fairly quick once it warms up a bit.....i just hope i don't pull a titanic and sink on my maiden voyage!
- I have a 2004 Harley Road King - I do most of my own wrenching on. I love to ride and have since I was 10yrs old. My wife also rides - we love to take long trips as in inter-state.

- Fly fishing -- nothing beats a quiet day on the water and a trout on the line (most get released)

- I mangle the blues and music in general on way too many guitars

- Sitting on the back deck with a brew - blue sky - and a hound dog that needs a scratch or two - strummin' my 6 string