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Pilsner Urquell



Someday PU will change away from the green bottles, I hope.  I refuse to buy it in the open 6-pack version cause it doesn't do the beer justice.  I just noticed they changed to a full cardboard box packaging on their 6-packs which is a major improvement, but its still not even close to the keg version.  All the beer review websites generally sample from a bottle and give it a low score cause they are tasting a light-struck version.  If you have never tried PU from a keg you are missing out. I have had it in a bar but nothing can compare to bringing home a 1/4 and throwing it in the kegerator with clean lines.  Its the one beer that I wont allow myself more than one at a time so the keg will last.  Its that good.  But thats me.

Maine Homebrewer

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May 9, 2008
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Maine (USA)
I've never tried it from a keg and it's one of my favorite beers. Wish I could get it in a corny from the beer store.


I can only get it in a 1/4 from my keg man too and have to put it in my converted fridge in the garage.  And its a long walk.  I sure wish they would package it in a sixth.