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Please vote Chris Hummert for AHA Governing Committee


New Brewer
Aug 10, 2011
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My name is Chris Hummert and I?m asking for your vote so I can serve our homebrewing community as a member of the AHA Governing Committee.

It?s tough to get to know a candidate in five hundred words. And even tougher if there isn?t a way to connect with that candidate. That is why I?ve written this more detailed statement and am reaching out through this email.

I became a homebrewer shortly after college when a friend shared some beer he brewed. I was hooked and soon I was buying all the equipment and ingredients I needed for my first batch. A couple years later I was invited to a local homebrew club meeting and was elated to find other people that were able to give me honest and knowledgeable feedback about my beer. After those first few Oregon Brew Crew meetings, I ran for a board position, was elected and forever hooked on giving back to the brewing community.

I am one of the most qualified candidates running for the AHA Governing Committee this year.

Organizational Experience
? Chair - 2018 HomebrewCon Portland Local Committee
? Chair, Pro Night - 2017 Pacific Northwest Homebrewcon
? Ad Hoc Chair - 2016 Pacific Northwest Homebrewcon
? President - Oregon Brew Crew
? Vice President - Oregon Brew Crew (2 terms)
? Competition Chair - Oregon Brew Crew (2 terms)
? Education Chair - Oregon Brew Crew
? Co-Chair/Instructor - Oregon Brew Crew BJCP Class (2 years)
? Member - Oregon Homebrewers Alliance, a group formed to pass Oregon Senate Bill 444 which would allow homebrewers the right to transport homebrew outside of their home. We were successful!
? Organizer - HopMadness (4 years)

Competition Experience
? Coordinator - Oregon State Fair Homebrew Competition (6 years running)
? Regional Coordinator - AHA National Homebrewing Competition, Pacific Northwest (2 years)
? Coordinator - Fall Classic, an Oregon Brew Crew competition (2 years)

My BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for the Governing Committee
I believe I can effect real change with five specific goals.

1. Attract New Members and Retain Experienced Members ? Most of us have seen AHA?s presentation showing a decline in homebrew hobbyists. I want to work with AHA and local clubs to grow our community. The first part of this solution is to bring the simplicity of brewing back into the discussion. As experienced homebrewers, our equipment and steps in brewing have turned into complex and expensive endeavors. For the first time brewer, we need to focus on simplifying the messages we send and showing people there are simple and inexpensive ways to get started. Good homebrew can be made in a stockpot on your stove.  The second part of the work needs to focus on keeping our community engaged. We need to develop ways for experienced brewers to stay engaged in our local, regional, or national communities.
2. Helping Clubs with Educational Content ? One of the struggles I?ve seen as a board member of my homebrew club is the time and effort that goes in to organizing educational content, speakers or demonstrations at a meeting. I want to create a way for clubs to share and access educational material they have already created. Wouldn?t it be nice to have access to great information without reinventing the wheel and being able to build on the work of other clubs?
3. Security of Membership Data ? We?ve all heard about data breaches at Facebook, Marriott Hotels, and T-Mobile. As an IT security professional I would work with the AHA to make sure that the proper reporting procedures are put in place to the board and make sure that programs are in place to prevent our membership data from becoming the next news story and security breach.
4. Better Utilization of the HomebrewCon Local Committee ? As Chair of the HomebrewCon Local Committee last year, we felt underutilized when planning local activities and being able to share our unique beer culture in Portland. Our volunteer committee was pumped to have the opportunity to participate but our enthusiasm was not able to find a place in the work the Local Committee is responsible for. I would like to work with AHA to develop some additional ways local committees could do more when there is capacity and desire to add value to the conference.
5. Inclusion/Diversity ? The Governing Committee has taken steps to develop a platform and ways to be more inclusive by starting a Diversity Subcommittee. I fully support and want to continue the work being done.

I will strive to be one of the most accessible candidates and member of the Governing Committee. Feel free to post questions, concerns or comments on my Facebook page or send a message. Don?t use social media? Get in touch and I?ll be happy to chat via email, text or by old fashioned phone call.

My AHA Candidate page is located here:

You can cast your vote at the elections page here:

I have given a lot of time and effort to this hobby and I?m not done yet. I?m running for the AHA Governing Committee because I want to continue to contribute. When you cast your vote, I hope you see my enthusiasm for this hobby and my desire to give back. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to serve you, our homebrewing community.