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Problems with my IPA.



My 6 gallon batch contains 2 lbs grain, 1 lb malt extract, 6 ounces hops and a small amount of irish moss. I pitched the yeast three days ago and I have no fermentation. Did I make the batch too weak?
What was our OG?  It shold only be about 1.018 adn that is very very weak.

It might be done and you have some color in your water ;)

Short answer: yes, you made the batch waaay to weak on the fermentables side and (probably) waaay too strong on the hops.

Long answer: we'd need to see your recipe.  What kind of grains did you use?  Steeped or mini-mash?  Is your extract liquid or dry?  Your O.G. could be anywhere from 1.01-ish with an inefficient mash to about 1.020 if all went well.  But still... those hops!  What was the AA on your six ounces?  How much of the hops was whole boil vs. 15 min. vs. flameout?  BTW, you didn't happen to take a gravity reading, did you?  Like Shakey said, you're gonna end up with colored water.

Good news is, it's not too late to make additions!  Try boiling a few lbs. of extract in a quart or two of water, cooling, and introducing to your batch.  That should raise your gravity some.  (if you've got room in your primary, an additional 6lbs of DME in 1gal water would give you a gravity of around 1.050... a reasonable start.)

Good luck!
Yes I realized way too late that I made mineral water with an extra shot of hops. I just opened the bottle to try. I wanted to make a light hoppy beer. Does anybody have a light IPA? If so I would love the ingredient list. Thx.