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Production Management


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Oct 8, 2012
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Former homebrewer, now running my own 10bbl brewpub.  I have used beersmith pretty much my whole brewing career, except in the dark ages when there was only promash, lol.  I'm trying to fit the software into my new daily activities of scheduling beers, taking inventories and paying taxes.

Would be awesome if some of the "production" software items were integrated into BeerSmith and maybe a guide on how a pro can use the software?  I currently use the inventory, recipe building, and just found out about the calendar!  Would be awesome to take the data and generate BOP reports, add customers and keg/bottle/can inventory tracking.  I use the inventory feature and just create a "Keg" item now.  Huge time savings when I can have it all in the same place.

If anyone has any other features of the software they are using in the pro-environment, let me hear them!

Thanks, Brad for all that you do!

Justin Crandall


Grandmaster Brewer
Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
If there were a pro module or pro version, I'd certainly like to see your suggestions and more. However, for $20 software, recipe creation and tracking is plenty and it does it well.

I use the inventory function to make purchases for each month, but I've had to get creative with other parts of the program.

I've updated the grain and hop database to reflect my prices from the  supply houses I use. I've created "house" yeast profiles to reflect larger volumes of slurry, so that 1 "package" equals 1 liter of slurry.

I've created packaging "recipe" profiles that account for every cap, can, label, boxes and pallet for a run of any size. I've had to create my own reports for brewhouse and cellar logs, plus pull sheets for ingredients.

The missing elements are that nothing ties directly to vendors, creates a PO or exports to accounting software. All of that has to be done separately. There are almost a dozen applications for professional breweries that handle supply chain, production, sales and accounting all in one. They also handle TTB reporting and excise tax, and some offer tax reporting options for Canada, UK, NZ and Austrailia, which is a big time saver.

It's a big ask for BeerSmith to try and cover all that territory without becoming a monthly subscription. TBH, I'm impressed that wine and cider weren't split into their own applications.