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Profile for Brutus?


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Jun 15, 2008
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I'm completing my Brutus 10 build with three keggles.  Anyone have a Equipment and Brewing profile that I can use in BrewSmith?  I have currently been using a Keggle and 10 gallon Igloo cooler.
No, but I'm Jealous if that helps any!

I'm sure someone here has one

UselessBrewing said:
No, but I'm Jealous if that helps any!

I'm sure someone here has one

You got me all excited thinking that you had information  :((
gruversm, any luck? We're building a 3 keggle single tier HERMS and trying to get the equipment profile setup correctly as well - folks keep telling us to jump over here to this forum for help but I'm not seeing much mention of keggles or setups like ours.
I have yet to receive a helpful reply to my original question.  Sorry....
I currently brew with 3 keggles. It seems to me that you should be able to use one of the stock equipment templates in BeerSmith to get started. You can then take the closest one to your system and save as and edit it to dial in your system. First figure out how much dead space is in all your vessels i.e. when your mash tun and boil kettle are fully drained how much is left over. Do you do fly or batch sparge with equal runnings?  I assume you are doing all grain. If you start plugging these numbers into the program and figure on 65-70 % efficiency it should get you in the ballpark.  This would be “YOUR equipment profile”. From here you should be able to use one of the mash templates in the program or you can make your own custom mash schedules based on what you are brewing i.e. single infusion, 150 degrees 1.2 qts. of water per pound of grain etc.  Everyone of the templates can be saved as and edited.  It still will take you a few brew days taking copious notes to tweak. Sometimes you won't have enough wort, sometimes you will have a lot left over. Sometimes your mash will be too thick or thin. Hope this helps.
I have been building my brewery for the last 6 months, and have not checked to see if the software matches my new single tier 3 vessell hermes brewery. We need a software update
  Have you tried building your own equipment profile?  There is a video on the videos section of the main web site as well as an article in the help files that tells you how to do this?