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I have to admit, I forgot the reasons why I didn't care for Promash, so I downloaded it again and now I remember!

I use a laptop as my primary computer, the screen is set at 1024 x 768. You can't enlarge Promash to fit the screen. Well it does enlarge, but nothing really changes. It's hard to read on an LCD, and it is a little more complicated to use (not that Beersmith lacks any features, just easier to navigate) Beersmith is more user friendly than Promash.

Promash appears to be set up for a touch screen at a brewery, neat feature, but useless to me, my laptop is no where near 5 gallons of wort, water, fire, rain, the two don't mix.

I can't comment on the reports because I've NEVER seen one! The eval edition will not let you! How do you know that you would like it?

Beersmith has a LOT of information on the recipe view page, but it's all on one page. Promash has buttons to push to bring up yet another page!

I work on computers all-day-long. When I brew on the weekends I want to be able to get it done, not look at screen after screen of information and still be confused.

People ask me all the time about software, and I always tell them the same thing... You can buy the most "feature" packed software you can find, and when you can't figure something out you will loose interest in it and find something else. Find software that does what you want it to do and does it well and use it. Beersmith to me is that software.




Ditto.  Best brewing software out there and tried them all. Pro mash, Suds you name it.  Beersmith has everything and is simple. ;D

Great job Brad