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Propane burner problem


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Sep 14, 2016
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So I'm trying to fix this burner someone made and the valves that let propane out don't seem like they are made correctly to me. As you can see the burners are about 6 inches away from the valve and it's just a hollow tube to let propane in. I feel like the valves should have a pipe running to the burner instead of just pressed against it. Any input will be greatly appreciated. I'm new to this forum so hi everybody.

The propane is injected into that tube so that it mixes with air and burns cleaner.

If you're getting soot, then the burners are just not getting enough air. The flame should be primarily blue. Sometimes that just means a little more distance between the flame and kettle.
that's up there on the list of things I personally wouldn't mess with... good luck!
Greetings - I just picked up on this post and see that another brewer is having an issue with a homemade burner.  I have spent about 35 years in my career servicing burners in HVAC equipment and even with that experience, I still would walk away from a homemade burner.

So, jtoots said it best - "I personally wouldn't mess with it".  A good quality propane burner is not that expensive as compared to the damage to life and property that can be the result of an improperly engineered burner.

Good luck!