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Propane burners


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Jun 4, 2016
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I recently purchased a "Center of Gravity" brew stand from N.Brewer. Nice stand. My first brew on it was fine, but the flame was more yellow than blue, and it was pretty obvious from the smell of incomplete combustion that they weren't burning properly, plus the kettles were black with soot on the bottom. I adjusted the dampers and the regulator, but to no avail. Looking these burners up on line, they appear to want a 10 to 40 psi regulator, but the unit  was sent with a 5 psi regulator, a three way splitter, with a not very precise needle valve on each burner. Could the regulator be the problem? Funky needle valves? I'd love to resolve this, but my knowledge of propane is limited, so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

Click on the Product 'Reviews and Questions' tab for the Center of Gravity. Four of the six reviews have your same complaint and tell how they solved it. Reviewer Bryan G has the best piece of information: "Northern Brewer was amazing in responding to the problem and swiftly sent the replacement parts."

Contact Northern Brewer.
Greetings matilda67,

I have not read the information as Mofo has suggested.  But I have spent many years of my career working with burners, both natural gas and propane.  Its good that you noticed the yellow flame.  The yellow is due to lack of oxygen at the point of combustion - the flame is burning rich.  The byproduct of this condition is a very high concentration of carbon dioxide.  As you know, carbon dioxide is nothing to fool with.  For your own sake and the sake of others near the burner when its operating, make the recommended modifications and balance the burner to obtain a pretty blue flame that sits on the burner nozzles - is not lifted off the nozzles.  This will give you the safest combustion and the most heat (BTU's) from your fuel.

Good luck and be safe!!
MkowaHog said:
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Greetings Alex - I feel your frustration.  It seems you were sold a bill of useless goods from Northern Brewer.  As such, I don't understand what they won't stand behind their product.  That said, if you used the reviews on the burner that were published on their website, I can tell you first hand that they are totally unreliable.  Northern Brewer cherry picks the reviews and only publishes the reviews that suites their sales needs.  Hence the reason I stopped buying from NB and have since spent thousands with other on-line stores.

So, if it's the regulator that is not putting out enough pressure for clean combustion, and NB won't replace it, try going to a camping supply and see if perhaps they have a solution -- a regulator that puts out 10-15 pounds.

Meantime, I would recommend returning to the NB website and writing a review of the product. If they have something to hide, they won't publish the review.  However, it may get their attention and you may see some resolve.

Good luck!