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Re-saving beer styles - SRM vs EBC


Aug 21, 2013
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As I am getting more and more used to Beersmith I really must say I like the software. It was well spent money. Thanks for the hard work improving it.

Now to a "bug" that might not concern so many people and only those who measures color in EBC. But very disturbing if you are not aware.

When you open a Style XML file and add it to Beersmith the XML file is expecting color values in SRM (or Lovibond?). Then Beersmith converts to EBC (if you have this setting). Then you close the tab again it will ask you if you want to save the file. This is not really necessary, but it is easy to click yes.
The file saves back and takes the values that are showed in the tab which is EBC for us European brewers.
This means that the EBC value is saved back to the XLM and next time you open the file it will interpret it as SRM and convert it again to EBC (showing too high value).

Example with a beer style like Blonde from the Swedish style xml.

From the xml we get <COLOR_MIN>3.56</COLOR_MIN> and <COLOR_MAX>7.11</COLOR_MAX>
First time opened in Beersmith it becomes 7-14 EBC which is perfectly correct.
Saving the tab and re-opening it again and it is now 13,8-27,6 EBC
Next time you get 27,2-54,4 EBC etc....

The workaround is of course not to save the file when Beersmith asks. Then you are fine.
But as I only did this re-save one time and then used a beerstyle I was not used to brew, I totally got the color wrong before realizing.

If the save functionality is difficult to change, then a warning in the "save" pop-up might be a good idea.

Cheers from a stone cold Sweden