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Recipe Scaling Issue



I am encountering a strange issue with the scaling tool. I have a recipe setup for my current equipment profile which is set to 5 gal and a brewhouse efficiency of 65%. I then copied the equipment profile and create a new profile but set as 5.5 gal. When I attempt to scale a recipe using the current equipment profile of 5 gal to the new one of 5.5 gal, the grist is all out of whack.

Example: Jamil's Black Widow Porter recipe (orig on left, scaled on right).

10.6 lbs of 2-row --> 5 lbs 3.5 oz
1.3 lbs of Dark Munich --> 5 lbs 3.5 oz

Clearly, it doesn't appear to be scaling appropriately. Am I missing something?

BeerSmith 2.1.02 running on OS X 10.8.5

Are you changing the profile or scaling? Or both, and if both when does the problem occur?
The workflow I am taking is:

Open Recipe - this is assigned the 5 gal equipment profile.
Click "Scale Recipe"
Under "Desired Batch Size" select 5.5 gal equipment profile. (this in turn updates my batch size and associated losses).
Click "Ok"

The same result occurs when I check off matching.
I dunno. I just tried it switching to a random profile and it seemed to work ok for me. Perhaps post up the recipe files with separate profiles?
Thank you for taking the time to verify. With that I rebuilt the recipe from scratch and it seems the scaling tool is working as it should. I appreciate your input!