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Recover original mash profiles


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Dec 3, 2019
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By mistake I have edited BS mash profiles and forgotten to make backup of originals. How to reinstall original mash profiles?
Hopefully someone can extract and post the original mash profiles for you.  I unfortunately have long ago created my own mash profiles to suit my needs and practices and have removed the ones which are not used.  If you have used these profiles in previous recipes, you can open up those recipes and next to the mash profile is a disk icon.  Click on the disk icon to save that version of the profile back into the library of mash profiles.
Here are the default mash profiles.



  • defaultMashProfiles.bsmx
    96.2 KB · Views: 127
When I customized my mash profiles I made a copy of the original and pasted it into the mash profile folder. The copy is the one I changed to suite my needs and I renamed them to make them easy to find.
Thanks, Now I am back to original and have a backup, if me or son have "good" ideas  :-[