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Resetting Profiles?


Dec 27, 2020
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Is there a way to reset my equipment profiles to their original settings? I fear I've screwed up a few and need to begin again... My bad.

Or failing that, can someone post the original equipment .bsmx file?

BeerSmith 3 for PC, BTW.


Grandmaster Brewer
Apr 7, 2017
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If it was a profile that you got from Beersmith go to add-ons and first remove it from the Installed Add-On's list then reinstall it.

Another option is to find a recipe you used when you first used that profile. One that you haven't made any changes to the profile. You can save that profile to your list of existing equipment profiles. However! if the one you are saving has the same name as the one you want to replace it is not going to over write the old one. It will simply add this one to the list with the same name as the faulty one and it may be difficult to tell which is which. So I would first use the edit tool... the button located to the immediate right of the profile name... and maybe change the name first and then use the save button.

The from here on out any time make a change you should add a date to the name itself. Like "Anvil Foundry 10.5 (02-10-2022)". Then you can tell at a glance which profile you are using.