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RO Water For BIAB


Mar 21, 2011
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Concord, CA
Brewing a West Coast Style IPA in a BIAB session. Gonna use reverse osmosis water for the first time ever. I selected "Distilled Water" in the Water Profile tab and "Hoppy Pale Ale" as the Target Profile. Two questions:

1.- Is there a more appropriate target profile I should use? I didn't see anything closer.

2.- Is adjusting my RO water as simple as dumping in the recommended salts at the beginning of the session?
The hoppy pale ale is an excellent choice for an IPA.  I like adding the salts in when I am measuring in the water.  The disturbing of the water when I am pouring it in helps in dissolving the salts.  My preference is to have the salts dissolved, though I know some people who add it into the mash with the grains.  It all works.
Awesome, thanks! So I simply take the particular salts in the amounts that BeerSmith recommends and toss them in?
Well, they don't do too much good just sitting on the counter  ;D.

Yes, just add them to the water.