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Save Equipment Profile to Cloud


Dec 1, 2017
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anyone know how to do this? want to in case my hard drive dies.
I don't know how to save this to the BeerSmith cloud, but you can export it and save it wherever you like. Open the Equipment list, select (but don't open) the profile of interest, then choose Export Selected. Definitely a good idea to put these in a safe place that is different than where the rest of your BeerSmith files are.

The easiest way to 'save' your profiles to the cloud is to save a recipe which uses that profile to the cloud.  You can always then go back and open the recipe in BeerSmith and then click on the disk icon next to the equipment profile to save it back into your profiles library.
Instead of saving an actual recipe I have a couple of recipe "templates" that I have already saved on my PC version. I make these with a name like "Template 01" and there are just a few basic things in them.

- From the miscellaneous items in my ingredient list I included... Whirfloc tablet... yeast nutrient... turn on pump (I had to create this one myself). 

- Also saved in the template are specific equipment profiles... one for BIAB and another for my 3 kettle rig.

- Finally, I include a... basic mash profile... my specific priming method... and fermentation method.

These are all the basic elements that are common with almost every recipe I create/make. Something like that could be useful to create and upload to your cloud and then save on your mobile devise.