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Saved recipes revert to default carbonation and aging profiles


Aug 13, 2009
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I save my draft recipes to a folder in the Scratch Pad, to avoid having these recipes clutter up the calendar (this is the only way I've found to do this - if there is another way, please let me know what it is). 

My problem is this:  When any given recipe is saved, the Aging and Carbonation profiles revert from whatever I had set up, to the default "My Aging Profile" and "My Carbonation Profile".  Nothing else seems to revert to default, or drop out completely, or whatever; only these two items.

This occurs with every save of every recipe, every time I reset those profiles.

Can this be corrected?  In the mean time, is there a short term workaround?  I would hate to have to make detailed notes in the note field just so I can recreate these profiles each and every time I reopen these recipes.


(Edit: I am running build 57 on a PC)
  I'm not seeing this behavior on the PC using regular recipes in the My Recipes folder.  I edited several and the changes in carbonation/age profiles all seem to stick.

  I recommend moving your recipes over to the My Recipes folder or a subfolder.

  You can control which recipes show on the calendar using the Options->Brewing tab - at the bottom there are options to only display certain folders (such as the brew log) which may help the calendar issue you were having.

This is also happening to me.  I changed my aging times for the 3 stage lager profile.  When I exit the recipe and re-enter the aging profile it defaults to the standard 3 stage lager times......  Any thoughts.....?  This is happening across the board in all recipes no matter location or source.
OK, moved the Scratch Pad items over to the My Recipes folder and put them in a subfolder.  If it continues, I'll let you know.