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"Select Your Fields" button is now missing


Jun 28, 2011
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I am pretty sure I had selected my fields to display under Recipe Design, but now they are permanently stuck to what I set up and the button to change the displayed fields is gone, is there a way to change the displayed fields? Also why can't I just display all available data at once? I have a very high resolution monitor with lots of space but it seems one can only display 12 fields at once?

Forgive me if I have recalled where this button was incorrectly, it was a few weeks ago that I had this happen.
i think that button got stuck on the bottom of the screen when 12 were used, though that prblm should be fixed as i checked mine today and now the button is above the fields,
  Grab the latest update (build 40) from the main download page - it corrects this problem.