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Separate mash times for grains


Jul 29, 2006
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I'm working on a gose recipe that uses a high percentage of acidulated malt. I'd like to be able to define the mash as two-stages, one with all the "regular" malt and then with a continuation after adding the acidulated malt. The reason for the separation is to keep better control of mash pH without having to use salts or chemicals to raise the pH during the saccharification step. I can create the two step mash profile with two saccharification steps at the same temp but can't assign specific malts to the mash step.

Here's the plan ....

For 10 gallons ...

50% white wheat malt
25% pilsner
6% light Munich
6% flaked oats
rice hulls

Mash at 148 F for 45 minutes then add

13% acidulated malt

Continue 148 F mash for an additional 45 minutes.

I have the mash profile set so my timers work but I can't assign the first group of grains to the first step and the acidulated only to the second.

This is also the similar process Gordon Strong uses with dark roasted grains where he only adds them to the mash at sparge time.

Is this possible and I'm just missing it or would this be a feature request?
dplittle, did you ever figure out how to do this?  I want to use it for the dark malt application....