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Setting up BrewSmith Mobile for BIAB with a sparge


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Jul 25, 2014
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I have an unconventional method... I have a 3Gal Aerovoid container (vacuum sealed large container that maintains temp pretty well) that I fill with my sparge water prior to mashing. Then I Mash in my boil kettle in a bag.

After Mash, I pull the grain bag from the kettle and suspend it above my kettle to drain (it's rather elaborate but I use a steamer insert for my pot that I sit the grain bag in and put a stainless grate over the kettle.) 

Then I gently rinse my grain bag with the 3gal of sparge water that is still at the proper temp.

My question is... How do I set this up in Beer Smith Mobile?
I don't want the app to calculate my sparge volume because that's a fixed amount for me. I want the app to calculate the mash volume and temp on it's own to let me know where I need to be based on my recipe.

  It sounds like you are doing a "brew in a bag" but without the full volume mash (which is traditional).  I would treat this as a normal mash and sparge, only because you are still doing the sparge (not just pulling the bag out), and you are adding water in the sparge.

  Use a regular mash profile, and adjust the water/grain ratio for the mash steps so you can keep the volume of the mash within your pot size (so it fits).  It will still calculate sparge water needed, based on whatever's needed after the mash.

I too use this same procedure (With desktop and Mobile)

I would like to have the ability to create a mash profile that mimics this with multiple sparges or second/third.. infusions
I would like to see it populate with typical water to grain ratio, (where the water volume or ratio could be overwritten)
Then it should calculate the balance of the water required as a (or multiple) batch sparges where I set the temperature and time.