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I live in VA (therefore almost nobody knows how much 1 kg weighs) and use metrics for my brewing - kg for grain, grams for hops, mg for salts, ml for lactic...  So, whenever I'm ready to brew a new batch, I drag and drop my recipe to the Shopping List.

Yep, all the units are in metrics - just like I like to see.  The problem is that my LHBS folks don't know the "correct" conversions - to be fair, they do know them, I've just gotten the "wrong" amounts enough times to know that it's just better for me to convert to lbs, oz, etc.

It would be great to have an option for the Shopping list unit types to be different than your inventory or recipe - like a convert on the "fly".

Again, I'm just a lazy b**ta*d :)
  A good idea - I will certainly look at it for a future version!

As a work around, you can always go to the option menu (under tools), and change the units to Lbs, Ozs, etc BEFORE you send the recipe to the shopping list. Works great....and should take care of your LHBS problem.

Then you can change it back to your metric preferences using the same process.