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Smoked Malt Color


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Jun 24, 2022
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I'm thinking of smoking some grain on my pellet grill and wondering about the resulting color. I saw a Scottish Ale recipe from Brad Smith where he oven toasted some pale malt and after toasting, it was shown as 27 SRM. How does one predict or measure malt color after modification?
Hard to do it accurately - probably the best method would be to compare it to similar kilned malts like honey, amber, etc (though not the Caramel/Crystal malts which are made by another method).

By toasting the malts at low temp in your oven you are largely duplicating the process by which the kilned malt group is made.

I played around with roasting malts and making crystal malt during the pandemic didn't smoke any. Like mentioned above really just a crap shoot on the color. But made some really nice ESB with them