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Sort recipes by date


Jun 30, 2009
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I can't remember (couldn't find it here) where I originally requested this feature so asking here, can we get a sort by date brewed option?

The app is great for club nights and I get asked a question about a brew but to scroll through the list finding the beer can be a pain, having it sorted by date brewed however would allow me to have the most recent brews at the top which is what I would have with me.

Cheers for the great app (and desktop client), great software - recently got another onto BS who just went AG.
To sort the recipes by date, you will need to have the date showing in the recipe folder view.  In the 'view' menu you will see the option to 'customize columns'  Select this and it will give you the option to display whatever recipe information you want.  Select 'date' and 'add' it to the display columns list.

You can then sort the recipes by clicking on the column header for the date and the recipes will all be sorted either up or down by date.
Maybe I'm blind mate but I can't see a recipe folder view, a view menu or a customise columns option on my mobile?

Are you sure you're talking about the mobile app?
Can you write the path from the main menu so I can make sure I find it properly.

What you can do as a workaround is add a column (right click on a column header) and add "Brewer".  Then you can enter in something like 2019-11-15 and then sort on that column.