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Space between paragraphs in Notes


Nov 27, 2019
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Is there away to add a space between paragraphs in my session notes?  I hit Enter, and leave an entire line space, but when I go to view online I get this:

-12/1/2019 -Cold day. High of 39F. Windy. -My mash temp was 154.2F. I was aiming for 156F. Strike water was at 169F when I shut off the heat. I think I need to switch to low heat while it drains, or shoot for 2-3 degrees higher. I am sure the cold did not help. -Setting up in the shed, put HLT on the mid shelf. It will fit. Sparge into MLT set on ground or on a board to keep cold out. I did put Reflective Foil under it and on top above lid. I attribute this to the near zero loss of heat. -Yeast pitched at 61F. In fermenter right now at 65F setting banking on the yeast action to raise it a few degrees to 67F which will then kick the fan on to cool back down. -Right now I have en estimated 7.0% ABV! Well over the 5.6% that I was shooting for. I am trying to see what increased it so much. But for right now it is estimated with only a 1.062 OG(target 1.060). My FG could end up higher putting my back at the the high 5 ABV.

Where ever there is a hyphen(-) it should be the beginning of a new paragraph.
The way it looks on line is not at all representative of how the recipe looks when you download it and open it in BeerSmith.  It is a problem with how it is rendered for the browser and not in your recipe.